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Facility Details
(Unit : USD, Zero vate of VAT)
Classification USD Remarks
Electricity 220V Single-Phase 50/KW Using hour: 10:00 ~ 17:00
220V Three-Phase
380V Three-Phase
Telephone Local&Long Distance Calls 60/Ea Including Installation and fees
Local&Long Distance &International Calls 200/Ea
Water Supply Not mandatory 150/Ea
Compressed Air Not mandatory 150/Ea
Internet Line LAN Not mandatory 100/Ea Including Installation and fees
RF System
(Exhibitor Badge Scanner)
Not mandatory 200/Ea Be received excel file of visitors information
within 2 weeks of exhibition ends date.
Application Download
No. Classification Application Download
1 Optional FORM 1_MandatoryFacility Application
2 Required FORM 2_MandatoryWELDING KOREA 2018 Directrory Application
3 Required FORM 3_Mandatory Exhibitor badges
4 Required FORM 4_Mandatory Sign of Company
5 Optional FORM 5_Optional Forklift Usage Application
6 Optional FORM 6_Optional Heavy Exhibits Move-in
7 Optional FORM 7_Optional Handling Hazardous Materials
8 Optional FORM 8-1_Self-Individual Stand Construction Application
9 Optional FORM 8-2_Self-Individual Stand Construction Agreement
10 Optional FORM 9_Bonded Exhibits & Information
11 Optional FORM 10_Additional Invitation Cards Order
12 Optional FORM 11_Official Directory Advertisement
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