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WELDING KOREA 2018 [Changwon International Welding & Cutting Show 2018] Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECO) Oct 16(Tue) - 19(Fri)
· Date : 2018-10-14
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  • A range of global welding, cutting and solution companies and robot makers participating

  • The world's best 3D printing / lamination manufacturing exhibition TCT KOREA to be held concurrently

  • Various events for welders such as 'demonstration by welding masters, lectures, and robot welding conference' to be held

  • Another reason to participate in WELDING KOREA 2018! A big giveaway event!

Korea's only welding & cutting industrial exhibition, Welding KOREA 2018 (Changwon International Welding & Cutting Show 2018) will be held at CECO for 4 days from October 16th to 19th this year. Along with global 3D printing / lamination manufacturing exhibition brand TCT KOREA, 123 companies (508 booths) will be participating in this show, which is the largest in history. WELDING KOREA, which has been held 18 times since its opening in 1989, is the best and largest Korean welding & cutting exhibition with 30-year history, hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and Changwon City and organized by CECO.

WELDING KOREA is Gyeongsangnam-do's only internationally certified exhibition that has been holding the UFI international certification since its first acquisition in 2011. The certification is so difficult to acquire that only 6% (about 930) of the 15,000 exhibitions around the world have been able to obtain.

Thanks to a boom in automation, global industrial robot makers are participating in WELDING KOREA

Many manufacturers in Gyeongnam consider introducing welding & cutting automation systems to cope with the steep rise in labor costs and demand for productivity improvement. Famous global industrial robot makers such as Hyundai Robotics, Staubli, Daihen, and IGM Service Korea, which have recognized this demand, will exhibit the future of welding & cutting automation in WELDING KOREA. In this exhibition, a large number of automation solution companies using industrial robots such as Robot Plus will participate to exhibit and demonstrate the best welding & cutting automation systems for production sites that are burdened with high labor costs due to poor facilities. They will also directly provide consulting to companies that are considering introducing welding & cutting process automation lines.

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The representatives of Korean industrial robot makers will hold an industry-academy-research conference on global robot welding trends at Robot Welding Institute on 17th. For welding automation professionals, it is highly recommended to check the schedule and not to miss it.

Festive scene to blow out the stress of welding & cutting workers suffering from the long recession

Although the largest welding & cutting consumer, shipbuilding and heavy industry, is showing turnaround signs, WELDING KOREA has prepared various enjoyable events for workers who are still going through difficult times in the dark recession.

Various demonstration sessions and lectures from well-known Gyeongnam welding masters, women welding masters and Austrian Meisters and programs such as guides on welding immigration and employment are scheduled to be offered on the special stage, so for welders, it is highly recommended to consider attending.

Furthermore, there will be an unlimited beer party sponsored by Hite Jinro that can blow out the stress from field work and a healing and irresistible massage zone filled with Orest massage chairs where no waiting is necessary.

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Just by visiting WELDING KOREA, you will get a chance to win one of the big prizes pouring out.

WELDING KOREA 2018 will provides various giveaways ranging from the business card event that offers the latest Note 9, Xiaomi Air Purifier and Black Box to the stamp event where you can receive a prize 100% just by stamping.

Moreover, 200 visitors can get a coffee coupon on a first-come-first-served basis daily by registering in advance, and 100 Xiaomi electric shavers will be given away as lucky prizes, so please be sure to pre-register.

You can visit the WELDING KOREA website (www.weldingshow.co.kr) for information on additional events and event schedules and online registration. If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact the exhibition team of COEX Changwon Project Group at 055-212-1014~1015.

클릭하시면 원래 이미지를 보실수 있습니다!

클릭하시면 원래 이미지를 보실수 있습니다!

클릭하시면 원래 이미지를 보실수 있습니다!


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